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EnTrust Global’s business platform encompasses a range of investment opportunities across a spectrum of asset classes, strategies, and liquidity profiles, in both the public and private markets. The firm provides commingled solutions as well as customized, bespoke portfolios. In line with the firm’s entrepreneurial foundation, we remain dedicated to innovating and evolving our platform to offer compelling and differentiated investment opportunities.


As a “first-mover” in the strategy, EnTrust Global began allocating to opportunistic co-investments in 2007. EnTrust has remained an industry leader in the space since that time, deploying more than $14.1 billion* to 165 separate co-investments with 58 different investment partners across the globe.

Co-investments generally stem from dislocations – whether company-specific or market-based – and focus on catalyst-driven theses that involve a high level of engagement and influence with respect to the target situation. The strategy’s opportunistic approach allows for flexibility across asset classes, sectors, strategies, and geographies, and while agnostic between private and public markets, is designed to earn a premium with longer duration capital. Within the private sphere, our co-investment strategy has included a number of pre-IPO equity deals, identifying companies that we believe are well-situated for the public markets.

Led by Sophia Park Mullen, the firm’s global investment research team continues to source a robust and diverse pipeline of compelling co-investments from our network, with a demonstrated success in evaluating and executing upon a highly selective subset of such ideas.

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*As of June 30, 2023.

Private Credit

EnTrust Global’s private credit strategy aims to fill a gap in direct lending markets, where middle market financing needs are not being met by traditional lenders given elements of complexity, elevated perceived risk, or time sensitivity.

Our strategy specifically targets off-the-run situations, where exposures are difficult to replicate and generally capacity constrained. We invest primarily in private debt/direct lending opportunities in North American and Western European/UK legal jurisdictions, focusing on situations that require a tailored approach and are actively negotiated. Our loan portfolio is diverse, due to an agnostic approach across capital structure, instrument, and underlying collateral. Returns are achieved with no/minimal leverage, with a focus on downside protection via collateral and creditor protections.

Led by Javier Dyer, the private credit strategy capitalizes on our deep bench of investment professionals, dedicated execution team, time-tested approach, and robust origination network.

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Blue Ocean Maritime Finance

EnTrust Global’s maritime finance strategy (“Blue Ocean”) – which is part of the firm’s broader maritime-focused Blue Ocean Group – was launched in August 2016 to capitalize on the demand for alternative sources of liquidity in this capital-intensive industry given the retrenchment of “traditional” bank lenders.  Recognizing the need for specialized expertise to successfully target such opportunity, we identified industry veteran Svein Engh to lead the business.

The Blue Ocean strategy focuses mostly on private debt/direct lending opportunities in connection with small- and medium-sized companies in the maritime sector, including the origination of asset-backed financings and opportunistic purchases of such loans.  In addition to the protection provided by hard assets, the targeted structures exhibit low correlation to traditional equities and fixed income, and also benefit from steady, predictable cash flows and robust financial covenants. The strategy also opportunistically invests in second lien, mezzanine, lease and equity structures.

Given the magnitude of the addressable market – global shipping represents a $1 trillion industry – and the ability to leverage the knowledge and network of EnTrust Global’s dedicated maritime specialists, we continue to expand the breadth of our Blue Ocean Group.

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Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean 4Impact

EnTrust Global’s Blue Ocean 4Impact (“BO 4Impact”) is a maritime asset leasing strategy focused on reducing GHG emissions and pollutants. BO 4Impact invests in the private equity of Purus Marine, a company established by EnTrust to execute the strategy.

The global maritime industry is a massive and critical component of the global supply chain and a significant contributor of GHG emissions and pollutants. There is an increasing demand for lower-carbon maritime assets (vessels, infrastructure equipment), driven by tightening maritime environmental regulations and by corporate and government end users focusing on decarbonizing their supply chains and infrastructure. However, there is a lack of such assets as well as the equity capital to build new assets. Purus Marine expects to utilize its equity capital to acquire and own a fleet of 100+ environmentally-advanced maritime assets, diversified across the maritime sectors. The maritime assets are expected to utilize a variety of solutions to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions, including fully-electric and battery hybrid propulsion, CO2 capture devices and bio-fuel blends. Purus Marine’s climate ambition is for its fleet to be net zero-emissions within the 2030s decade, with many of its assets expected to achieve zero-emissions this decade through retrofitting to fully-electric. These assets are expected to typically be contracted mid/long-term to high quality end users that have a fundamental need for the assets.

Purus Marine is led by industry veteran Julian Proctor, and supported through BO 4Impact by EnTrust Global, including Svein Engh, Senior Managing Director, and the deep experience and network of EnTrust Global’s dedicated maritime specialists, the Blue Ocean Group.

For more information on Purus Marine, please see www.purusmarine.com

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Hedge Fund Solutions

As a long-standing top investor in hedge fund strategies, EnTrust Global’s Hedge Fund Solutions focuses on creating customized alternative portfolios to enhance and complement our clients’ existing allocations and risk/reward profiles. Our team of global investment professionals leverages an extensive network of investment partners as well as our in-house structuring capabilities to provide a diverse range of exposures that emphasize our expertise across credit, equity, and macro strategies, while offering improved economics.

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Strategic Partnerships

EnTrust Global creates bespoke portfolios for institutional investors through its Strategic Partnerships. Our Strategic Partnerships are each specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of the underlying client while complementing their broader asset allocation strategy.

EnTrust Global currently manages approximately $8.9 billion* in these highly customized structures, which fulfill a diverse range of investment needs by drawing on all areas of the firm’s broader platform.

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*As of June 30, 2023.

Liquid Alternatives

EnTrust Global offers access to liquid alternative investment strategies through its minority interest in Alma Capital Investment Management. Founded in 2006, Alma Capital is a European-based asset management company with offices in Luxembourg, Paris, and London.

Alma Capital provides liquid alternative investment options in regulated UCITS funds for European institutional investors through both an individual product and multi-manager approach, spanning alternative credit, event driven, managed futures, and global macro strategies.

For more information on Alma Capital, please see www.almacapital.com

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